Tri Delta

Phi Epsilon Chapter at The University of Southern Mississippi

Campus Involvement

Southern Style 

Casey Ford 

Dixie Darlings 

Captain - Randa Morace

Randa Amason, Emily Moss, Emily Rhodes, Kaylee Scroggins, Cameron Nocera, Areanna Trillegi and Kelsey Richard

Eagle Connection

Beth Cunningham, Melissa David, Holly Hawkins, Madison Tynes, Autumn Sobel, Anna Beth Weldon, Abby Alford, Beth Cunningham, Lindsey Garrity, Courtney McQueen, Mallory Robbins, Lindsey Garrity, 

Eagle Ambassadors

Katherine Billgrin, Becca Hassell, Anna Beth Weldon

Southern Miss Cheerleading

Taylor Brown

Student Government Association 

Autumn Sobel - Attorney General 

Melissa David - Judicial Branch

Kenzie Thaxton - College of Health Senator 

Gabbie Munn - Philanthropy Commission

Carrie Anne Sims - Philanthropy Commission

Amelia Strahan - 

Casey Ford - Cabinet and Director of Lighting the Way

Lauren Leonards - Director of Social Media

Freshmen Associates

Kate Roberts, Abbie Anderson (Liaison) and Jane Claire Arender

The Legacy 

President - Autumn Sobel

College of Health Ambassadors 

President - Kenzie Thaxton

Bethany Jones

Golden Eagle Welcome Week Crew 

Holly Hawkins, Rosey Lau, Jane Claire Artender, Adriana Rodriguez, Jordan Riekhof, Bailey Stokes and Emily Welch


Captain - Becca Hassell

Stage Monkeys

Krista Friedlein 

Gamma Rho Chi

Myranda Ghallager, Peyton Dupuy, Emily Welch, Adriana Rodriguez, Casey Ford, Mallory Robbins and Maddie McCammon

Junior Panhellenic Council 

Kelsey Richard and Cailyn Bobo

Collegiate Panhellenic Council Judicial Board

‚ÄčLogan Parker and Beth Cunningham

Luckyday Scholars

Amelia Strahan, Meg Patterson, Julie Banks, Marley Atkins, Jane Claire Arender

Honors College

Abby Anderson, Carrie Anne Sims, Casey Ford, Abbie Barker,

Diamond Darlings

Lauren Leonards, Courtney McQueen

National Society of Collegiate Scholarship

Taylor Brown

Episcopal Church of USM

Abby Alford

Order of Omega Honor Society

Carrie Anne Sims and Krista Friedlein