Letter From Our Recruitment Chair


Our 2023-2024 Recruitment Chair is Callie Mizell. Callie is an accounting major from Lucedale, Mississippi. She is a part of PC’21 and will be going into her junior year this Fall. 


Dear Potential New Members, 

"I want to first start by saying, we are all so excited to meet all of you! I am sure many of you are anticipating your first day of recruitment. I know this process can be scary and overwhelming to go through recruitment, but my biggest piece of advice is to take it all in and remember who you are. You will never have an experience like this ever again in your life and it is so rewarding meeting so many extraordinary women all down the row. I remember feeling all of these emotions and being so nervous, but I want you to know that you have been prayed for and thought about by so many women down the row for quite some time now. As things begin to change in these next few weeks, it is my wish that you know you are already loved by so many who can't wait to welcome you into the Panhellenic community!! Tri Delta has only made me more sure of my decision every day since I joined. My sisters have seen me through the hardest lows of college and celebrated with me at my highest parts. They don't see me for who I was in high school, but for who I strive to be. This process is so scary and overwhelming, but it also comes with so much reward and excitement. I want you to come through this process staying true to your values and opening your heart up to an amazing new experience and women. By doing this, you will find true friendships, a new place to call home, and a group of women that will love and support you throughout everything you do. I can't wait to meet you on August 10th and have the opportunity to tell you more about what sorority life at USM has done for me! I love you all so much already and can't wait for you to find your home just like I did!"


Delta Love and Mine,

Callie Mizell